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What is Kitchology?


Kitchology is about overcoming food allergies through the power of technology and community. Our thesis is that 1) when food is the problem, the cook is the solution and 2) there is power in numbers and ten cooks are stronger than just one cook. We thus put cooks at the center of the design to make cooking social.

Cooking goes social. Build recipe collections that account for food allergies/intolerances, diets, preparation time, and ingredients you love. Share and follow others. Eat healthier and discover new dishes while saving time and money.Meet the Team

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The Cooking Verdict is Out– 5 Best Toasts are In! Aug 28, 2015

With the kids going back to school soon, for parents, that means it’s time to once again preoccupy themselves with thoughts of cooking quick on-the-go breakfast choices. In case your arsenal of recipes and toast with jam and butter isn’t cutting it any more, I’ve come up with some great recipes to cook that will […]

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Aug 29, 2015

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Aug 29, 2015

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Aug 29, 2015